AFter capturing the imagination of irish viewers and grabbing headlines


for her powerful pop vocals and edgy stage performances on 2014’s Voice of Ireland series, followed up with a number of eye opening rounds in the UK Xfactor as part of a Louis Walsh backed pop group, West Cork’s Danica Holland decided to go against the grain and do things on her terms.

Returning home to a part-time job and relative isolation, the singer began work on original material, carving out her own sound and style with the help of a producer friend in his studio for the remaining months of 2014.

Now, less than six months later, her first single, a self-penned, emotional and dynamic pop narrative ‘Love Games’ is ready to go. Drawing heavily on personal experience, this first single combines elements of dance, pop and r&b glued together by a vocalist that moves effortlessly through heartfelt verses, intricate wordplay and soaring choruses to match any pop diva.

With yet more songs waiting in the wings, Danica is content to keep things on her own terms as she embarks on crowd funding the production and release of her music and accompanying videos with the help of her fans through a Fund It campaign, offering fans rewards ranging from signed limited edition copies of her single, to treats personally baked by the singer to private concert or even a specially commissioned song in exchange for their support.